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-- Posted by Dracon on 1:44 pm on Dec. 10, 2001

Where’s the harm reduction in South African gay clubs? Can a “gay club owners society” be so closed minded – why are they turning a blind eye to drug usage in the clubs? As an previous staunch Anti-drug user that have enlightened  by knowledge. I know that a decent “harm reduction” program or  “safe settings” standards in clubs are basically non-existent in South Africa.

Once again it seems that most gay clubs are there just to rip-off the gay people in their community.   People use drugs and no matter what you do people will continue to use drugs – strip search them – are you going to reduce drug usage? – NO you will be moving it to the street! (in front of the club). Why do you have to pay so much for water? (even tap water you need to pay for – if you  order it from a bar!)

South Africa has the drug sense par to people wanting to ban condoms to stop the spreading of Aids!

What do you think???

Don’t let drugs do you

-- Posted by topkapi on 3:01 pm on Dec. 11, 2001

I whole-heartedly agree with you - the club owners here are simply after your money, and possibly even dealing to their clientele to turn a profit. Memories of the Akwa Incident come to mind.

For what it's worth, if anyone opens a club that plays music with words in, and can assure me of safe passage to the toilets without being accosted by "hey bru, I've got some smack here that you'll love", I'm there. It can't be that hard, can it?

-- Posted by Sombil on 3:22 pm on Jan. 12, 2003

Yes isn't it a shame. But it is the same and I suspect probably much worse here in the U.S.A., probably also in Europe & Asia. Why do we let ourselves be taken advantage of by these financial predators? Is it possibly part of our "collective psyche" a
type of "oppressed subculture
syndrome?"---Anyone want to volunteer to teach this "Afrikaanerophile" the language....:-)TextTextText

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