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-- Posted by topkapi on 11:47 am on Sep. 5, 2001

Tim Burton should stick to puppet shows about Christmas.

I spent two hours and over R70 (I pay for other people - God knows this is why I am so broke) watching a contrived and pathetic recreation of a cinematic classic. Then again, Mark Wahlberg was in it. Which sort of made up for it. Except he wasn't wearing his Boogie Nights attachment. Which is a shame. But it did look fake. Perhaps he should stick to underwear ads.

Did anyone else like the movie? Does anyone else care?



-- Posted by Morpheus on 9:31 pm on Sep. 6, 2001


Yeah, it was crap.  In the original, the ending answered a lot of questions, as well as being a huge surprise... this time, all it did was create a load of questions...

Who has the DVD?  I want to know what the other 4 possible endings were...


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